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Marsel started his record label in 2012 and the aim was and still is to release music that  he is in somehow involved in.

Being involved in projects that help charities and raise awareness of them and their purpose through music is one of the most important goals for both Marsel and his company. He feels that through his music and music projects he is given an opportunity to be  part of the positive force in society and this is an opportunity that he aims to do the most of in every chance that he gets.

A few years ago, Marsel decided to give away all the profits from his physical record sales to various aid organizations, as he felt it was one way he could contribute to important societal issues and causes, that he feels passionately about.  Each publication is aimed at different organizations. The profits from his latest recording Piano Forte will go to Barncancer-Fonden and the organization Maskrosbarn.

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